28 thoughts on “13 Tips for an AWESOME Trip to Singapore

  1. CG Todaro says:

    Enjoyed this video! Been there twice now. So much to eat, see and do even while I stay for several weeks at a time. Can’t wait to go back again!

  2. francis ong says:

    I am ex Malaysian and you my friend have done Singapore a proud presentation of what it's about on a brief Singapore visit. Although I might argue that Malaysia is still better as a food Mecca. Lol!

  3. deathendz says:

    If you're interested in taking a peek at a living piece of Singapore's history. You can also check out kampung lorong buangkok, its a little far from the standard tourist areas but its the very last kampung in Singapore. Kampung is malay for village, and its really cool and weird to see one village in the middle of all the industrialization

  4. Wonjin Park says:

    Planning to go to Singapore next month. Lucky I found this before travelling. So informative and didn't feel like watching this over 10 mins comparing most of travelling youtube is boring but this one is awesome!

  5. Tsunshine gal says:

    Very entertaining, and you are so comical !

    Come back & explore the Jewel πŸ’Ž Changi Airport…

    Re : heat – get a hand 🀚 held battery fan ! ☺️

    Orchard Ion : Spent $25 or above, get to go up the sky tower . You can see Singapore in a panoramic view with Malaysia in our north & Indonesia in our south !

    Food : many choices. Include : Satay with peanut sauce, Roti Prata with tea tarik.. kaya toast with coffee β˜•οΈ, chilli 🌢 crab πŸ¦€ etc..

    Now with Jewel πŸ’Ž Airport, you can eat almost anything there : 280 shops …πŸ€£πŸ™ƒ

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