29 thoughts on “St. Petersburg Travel Guide

  1. Pale Dolphin says:

    I live in Saint-Pete's more than 9 years now, and it's absolutely one of the best places to visit, especially if this is your first time in Russia. People are friendly, English-speakers are abundant (most of the youth speaks English, to some extent), city is safe, and service is generally at pretty high level. Bunch of good places to eat, drink or just chill with a hookah. Lots and lots of city parks and lakes, and don't forget about all the fountains, museums and galleries. Wild parks on the outskirts are a must see too! Thank you for such a comprehensive city guide, I'll definitely recommend to my friends abroad!

  2. john Shepard says:

    The most beautiful city in Russia, 10 times more beautiful than Moscow. A must see, is the church of spilled blood, St. Isaac, Nevskij Prospekt, and a photo of the wonderful Lena River. Legendary St. PETERSBURG.

  3. Sarah Zhou says:

    I am visiting St. Petersburg for a week in June on my own. Excited since it will be the first time ever! Lucky to see this video and useful tips to get around. Try to find some convenient and economic accommodation to spend good amount of time in the city and see the local & culture. Any recommendations where to stay other than big hotels?

  4. Elena Prieto says:

    St. Petersburg is simple amazing. Been there 3 times in the last 5 years. Every time a different experience, always fantastic though. Literally one of my favorite cities <3

  5. Алексей Антонюк says:

    Huge respect for including a song from a singer called Dolphin – Spring (Дельфин – Весна). Love it, and this song, in my opinion, is very beautiful and appropriate in this video, very Russian in a modern way. Not like these balalaika stereotypical annoying songs that are usually put in the background.

  6. Meta M says:

    What a huge city as in scale. My late Italian husband was assigned in Vyborg, went to visit him there in summer. Wow, the water smelled petrol and there were plenty of mosquitos. Went back and forth to St. Petersburgh. I loved their mushoom soup and all the savoury pastries. I even bought some to bring back to Italy. We didn't have a chance to visit the Peterhof Palace though. The bus left by the time we arrived at the bus terminal,

  7. AЛександр Манаев says:

    Питер-любимый мой город!
    Привет питерцам из Сибири ,с берега Байкала(Бурятия)!
    Много раз бывал в сим прекрасном городе ,ну нравится мне он более,чем Москва…

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